Frequently Asked Questions About Our Inspection Services

AAA Inspection Specialties offers various inspection services for your home, roof, new construction, and more. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

The inspector should ensure that their inspection and inspection report will meet all applicable requirements in your state if applicable and will comply with a well-recognized standard of practice and code of ethics. You should be able to request and see a copy of these items ahead of time and ask any questions you may have. If there are any areas you want to ensure are inspected, be sure to identify them upfront.

Experience is essential, and I have been a home inspector in the business since 1991, serving the east Houston area. Knowledgeable experience is pertinent, and I have done over 15 000 home inspections up to date.

Some inspector associations and state regulations allow the inspector to perform repair work on problems uncovered in the inspection. Other associations and regulations strictly forbid this as a conflict of interest.

The average on-site inspection time for a single inspector is 4 hours, depending on the condition and size of the property. Anything significantly less may not be enough time to perform a thorough inspection. Additional inspectors may be brought in for huge properties and buildings. We typically produce the report right onsite which is why it takes a little bit longer. 

Costs vary dramatically, depending on the level and type of inspection, the property floor area, geographical property location, and the inspector's qualifications. A typical range might be $350-600, but consider the value of the home inspection in terms of the investment being made. Inspection cost does not necessarily reflect quality.

Ask to see samples and determine whether or not you can understand the inspector's reporting style and if the time parameters fulfill your needs. We provide the inspection report at the time of the inspection.

We encourage you to show up at the end of the inspection to go over the completed report at the property.

There are many state and national associations for home inspectors. Request to see their membership ID and perform whatever due diligence you deem appropriate.

One can never know it all, and the inspector's commitment to continuing education is a good measure of their professionalism and service to the consumer. It is especially important in cases where the home is much older or includes unique elements requiring additional or updated training.