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Inspection Agreement (Contract)

In consideration of this inspection, the client agrees to accept the following stipulations limiting the scope of the written report as follows:

  1. This is a limited inspection and may not reveal all deficiencies. Items inspected are limited to visual, audible, and operational component testing procedures by the inspector. The client agrees to accept the written report, based on a subjective opinion by the inspector, who uses his experience, knowledge, and training. No verbal statements by the inspector shall expand the scope of this agreement, nor may any opinions expressed be guaranteed regarding any item.
  1. The inspector will seek to determine if the items checked are “Not performing the functions for which they were intended, and whether they are in need of immediate repair.” The client acknowledges that visibly apparent cosmetic conditions, not evident at the time of inspection, or items not critical to the continued function of the building will not be included in the written report. Items not included in the report shall not be considered good or bad from lack of notation.
  1. Accuracy of the report is certified at the time of inspection, only, as valid regarding the property inspected. The client specifically agrees that no representation of a warranty or guarantee exist on the future life of items inspected; except where separately agreed to in writing by both parties. Therefore, inspector advises that the client seek professional estimates on exact diagnosis and repair cost of problems noted. Other defects not noted in this report may be discovered in the event of further investigation. Licensed and knowledgeable professionals certified in the pertaining field should perform any repairs.
  1. The purpose of this inspection is to better advise the Client of unfavorable conditions present. Therefore, this report is given as a good faith evaluation of items checked using the most efficient means at the time.
  1. The inspector does not take responsibility for reporting non-compliance with any building, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing codes established by municipal ordinances. Although the inspector can refer to any pertaining codes to gain back ground information, this report is not intended to represent code compliance. Only observed fire, health, or safety hazards will be included in written report, whether governed by code or not. This report is not a guarantee of habitability, or fitness for a particular use.
  1. This inspection does not cover environmental hazards such as Lead based paint analysis, asbestos contamination, formaldehyde insulation or hazardous mold. No hydrostatic testing of drain plumbing or pressure testing of gas supply systems is done at the time of the inspection. This is not a Wood Destroying Insect (Termite) inspection. If further analyses are desired, the buyer should seek independent evaluation from an outside source knowledgeable and certified in the pertaining topic.
  1. This agreement is solely between inspector and the client for whom the inspection was performed. Acceptance of this agreement is a pre-condition to delivery of this report. The written report is sole property of the Client and may not be distributed without consent.
The liability of aaa Inspection Specialties Inc. and the inspector performing the services rendered are limited to the cost of the original inspection fee only.

In the event of a non-settled and disputed claim against Inspection Specialties or the inspector who performed any services rendered, all parties agree to settle any disagreements through binding arbitration through a mutually agreed forum.

The client has read the inspection agreement and understands the scope of services to be rendered. Payment for services will be construed as acceptance of the scope of the report.

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